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New, guess a number between 1 and 10 for bonus banano

Faucet will soon be shutting down. The remaining funds will be placed into another faucet :D

I might be making a banano video game faucet soon(To replace this one)! To see my first attempt at a video game faucet, please visit IDidAThingy.com. This faucet game is for Manangos, a spiritual fork of a fork of banano. Manangos is a stellar token(So not a technical fork of banano), which requires you to have a stellar address and Manangos Trust-line set up to collect. A trust-line is just setting aside a small amount of stellar(about 50 cents US) for every type of stellar token you collect. All stellar tokens require it.

What is Banano and how do I get a Banano Address?

We also have a Nano Faucet